Welcome to the Huntington Avenue Grounds!

My name is Chris Chavis, I am a diehard Red Sox fan and an amateur baseball historian.

I have kicked around the idea of doing a baseball history blog for a couple of years now. I have even dabbled in it a little bit, posting a couple of posts for other blogs and experimenting with different ideas. A combination of graduate school and other writing priorities led me to put the idea on the back burner for the time being. However, I graduated from graduate school last spring and late last year, started a job that allowed me to parlay my other writing interests into my career. All of these factors and a dash of COVID-19 quarantining and a desire to start a new writing project has led me here.

The focus of this blog will be the history of the Boston Red Sox and New England baseball more broadly. Sometimes however, I will invite guest posts on the history of other teams and may even post an occasional post that looks at a historical item from another team.

Welcome to the digital revival of the Huntington Avenue Grounds, the first home of the Boston Red Sox and their home before Fenway Park. Take a seat and watch Tris Speaker, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Yaz, and Big Papi take advantage of opposing pitchers and Cy Young, Smoky Joe Wood, Jim Lonborg, Mel Parnell, Roger Clemens, and Pedro Martinez fool batters. A seat at The Grounds is your time machine.

You can read a more detailed personal bio here. I look forward to welcoming you to the Grounds, your ticket to baseball’s past!

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