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The Montreal Expos of Northern New England

In 1969, Major League Baseball expanded beyond the borders of the United States for the first time when it placed a team in Montreal, Quebec. The team, named the Expos after the 1967 Montreal World Expo, played its first game on April 8, 1969, an 11-10 victory over the New York Mets at Shea Stadium. […]

Which Red Sox player has the most multi-home run games?

The Red Sox has a long history of great home run hitters. The all-time team leader, of course, is Ted Williams with 521, David Ortiz is second with 483, and Yaz is third with 452. If you go down the list, you’ll see familiar names like Jim Rice, Dwight Evans, Manny Ramirez, Mo Vaughn, and […]

Three Days in April (1948)

Trivia Question: When was the last time the Red Sox started a season 0-3 at home? The answer: 1948. This biog has covered the early struggles of the 1948 Boston Red Sox but this stat points to how those early struggles manifested out of the gate. They also provide some source of optimism for modern […]

A Striking Impact: The 1994 Boston Red Sox

Baseball is back! And so are we! After a brief one month break, Huntington Avenue Grounds is back with new posts. There is a slight change to our posting format however. I will be only be updating the site once a week now, making new posts every Monday morning. I may or may not post […]

The Braves Return to Boston (1997)

The 1990s Atlanta Braves may have been the most consistently great team in baseball history. Anchored by a rotation featuring Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz with contributions from players like Andruw Jones, Javy Lopez, Ryan Klesko, and future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones, the Braves were a powerhouse team in almost every way. […]

The Sox in the City of Oaks (1958-1960)

Many Red Sox fans are familiar with Carl Yastrzemski’s tenure with the Raleigh Capitals, the team’s affiliate in the Carolina League. For a few short months, Yaz plied his trade in the City of Oaks before moving on to Minneapolis and ultimately to the big league club. Many of us are familiar with that story. […]

Pedro vs. Glavine: The Sox beat the Braves at Fenway (1999)

The revived “City Series” had been a competitive affair since its revival in 1997. After being swept at home in 1997, the Red Sox traveled to Atlanta in 1998 and took two out of three games. With the series now at 3-2, the Sox returned to Boston in 1999 hoping to finally beat their former […]

Bull Durham: The Red Sox in the Bull City (1945-1946)

Many people are familiar with the Durham Bulls, the current AAA affiliate for the Tampa Bay Rays and subject of the movie “Bull Durham.” Fewer people are aware of the team’s history with the Boston Red Sox. In 1945, the Durham Bulls were a charter member of the newly formed Carolina League where they began […]


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